Honorable Minotaur Fighter


Hyugin stands about eight feet tall. His head appears to be overly large, even for his massive body. Dark, thick fur covers the top and back half of his head, growing prominently between the horns, while thin mahogany fuzz covers his body. Armored Hyugin presents an imposing figure.

Hyugin used to be the epitome of a minotaur champion: bloodthirsty, honorable, and totally without fear. Yet Hyugin had something that most of his brethren lack: an ability to distinguish right from wrong, an ability that set him apart and thrust him into conflict with the forces of Evil. After meeting Modan, and the adventures that resulted from that meeting, Hyugin has matured. Gone are his savage tendencies now replaced with an inner peace that is difficult to shake, unless innocents are endangered. Gone is also the intolerance of the minotaurs to any but their own race. Hyugin knows the worth of humans, elves, dwarves, and even gnomes. He is friendly and non-judgmental of anyone.

Hyugin follows Kiri-Jolith which is a god from the Krynn pantheon, but which you could say is an aspect of Johr – The Retributive Aeio god of Justice & Vengeance. “My God, Kiri-Jolith, also known as the Sword of Justice and the Bison of Heaven. He encourages the soul to grow as a part of the whole in order to benefit from the strength of brotherhood. He patrons soldiers and warriors who fight in order to defeat evil. He promotes courage and justice, and is the spirit of honorable battle. He is not a warlike god, however, but supports war when it is necessary to maintain integrity. He promotes strength of spirit in times of peace. He is the courageous spirit of bonds among mortals. His warrior priests lead the fights against evil armies and advise rulers. And, he has not led me astray, not once. We have a saying among the Minotaurs of my island home, Est Sularis Oth Mithas, Est Sudanus oth Nikkas, which means My Honor is my life, My Power is my Truth”


Growing up among the Mountainous Isles of Cretan Hyugin was trained in all manners of weapons, tactics, the crafting and maintenance of arms and armor, as well as sailing vessels among the rocky seas. He excelled with great weapons above all others. He grew strong among the herd.

Hyugin was the last in the long line of his clan’s champions, a minotaur that was supposed to raise his clan to new heights. In the Great Arena, Hyugin excelled as a combatant and soon managed to earn the title of Champion. His victory was short lived as the drums of war sounded among the islands and invaders came to the shores, first in the form of ambassadors, then as assassins that killed the minotaur queen Pasiphae and took her family hostage, enslaving an entire nation.

It must be noted that during the Great War the minotaurs were not independent, but slaves to ogres and their Dark Queen. Hyugin was sent to the front lines as a slave-soldier. At first the minotaur fought with glee, but the constant indiscriminate carnage began to wear on him. When an ogre brute killed the weak and defenseless, something considered without honor by the minotaurs, Hyugin rebelled and killed him. This act branded him a renegade to the armies commanded by Cryzkas.

The forces of the Dark Queen chased him across the seas and through many lands, until a group of gnolls captured him and tied him up deep into the barrow hills among the graves of long dead kings. A young wizard called Modan and his group of adventurers rescued Hyugin and that act, since the minotaur’s honor demanded he pay Modan in kind, was the beginning of a great friendship between the wizard and the minotaur.

After the war and learning of his homelands rebellion against the Dark Queen, Hyugin traveled with Modan and his fellowship looking for a place to fit in not knowing if he could return home. It was in Stoneport where they heard rumors of heroes needed in the town of Coledelle and so begins a new journey of adventure.


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