Welcome Adventurers!

Welcome to the World of Aeio. Aeio is a sprawling, explorable campaign for the public, provided by a small number of passionate Dungeon Masters working hard to provide a more enjoyable and immersive D&D Game for Beyond the Dungeon Comics and Games. Dive deep into a world filled with mystery, wonder, dragons and dungeons. A High Magic world geared toward RP, Loot Hunting and Boss Fighting. Down below we have provided some links to help new players get started:

Getting Started

  • Read the rules here. We also have a FAQ!
  • Character creation and allowed source materials can be found here.
  • Homebrew materials allowed in Aeio can be found here.
  • A list of DM rulings on mechanics can be found here.

Spending your Down Time Days

  • If you’re a wizard, here is a spell book you can scribe spells from. Remember to log downtime and gold for it!
  • Downtime activities can be found here.
  • You can also spend Down time days traveling between countries. To travel from Varden to Caldonia it takes 10 down time days. This is important if you want to do quest that start in Caldonia.

Meet the Dungeon Masters

  • Meet your DMs and their unique playstyles here!
  • Dungeon Masters can click here for more information.